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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2018.02.22
Types : 5
Denomination : 330 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3266
Printing Process
& Colors
: Offset, Four Colors, Pantone Silver
Size of Stamp : 35 × 35
: 5 × 3 (194mm × 130mm)
Image Area : 35 × 35
Paper : White unwatermarked
Perforation : 13¼ × 13¼
Printer : Cartor for POSA
Designer : Park,Eun-kyung
Quantity : 126,000 stamps each
In order to promote Koreas postal culture and to provide citizens with the opportunity to participate in stamp designing, Korea Post has held a yearly public stamp design contest since 1991. In 2017, to incorporate a society that lives in harmony with multicultural families, Korea Post hosted a public contest based on two themes - A Multicultural Society and A Generous and Considerate Society - to create a beautiful society where individuals respect others and show consideration towards the socially vulnerable. JOINT OUR HANDS (Chan Wing Chi, China) was selected as the grand prize winning work in the elementary school category. The work displayed people of diverse nationalities holding hands and laughing happily while riding on a white dove, a symbol of peace, in an endearing way illustrated with fingerprints and handprints. The middle school grand prize winning work was awarded to FROM PERSON TO PERSON (Hong Seo-jeong, Suncheon Maesan Middle School). This work depicted a child in a raincoat approaching a discouraged young man sitting in the dark on a rainy day and holding an umbrella above him. The illustration demonstrated that hearts filled with generosity and consideration still exist in our society that is evidently more hard-hearted compared to the past. The high school grand prize winning work was awarded to ONE FLAME (Moon Seo-hyun, Seoul Design High School), which displayed a multicultural society of diverse people of different ethnic groups accepting one anothers cultures. The vivid illustration depicted flags of diverse nations in the night sky as beautiful and colorful fireworks. The grand prize winning work of the general category, CREATE THE WORLD TOGETHER (Kim Si-hyun), demonstrated a multicultural society with an illustration of children of different nationalities gathered, like separate colors that come together to form a rainbow, to create a harmonious society and a beautiful, happy community. The other grand prize winning work of the general category was A BICYCLE THROUGH WHICH WE BECOME ONE (Park Kyeong-jin, Hyupsung University). The work incorporated harmony among people of diverse cultures living together in society with one heart through the illustration of men and women of different skin color, gender and appearance riding together in unison on a multi-passenger bicycle.