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K-Stamp News

title 「The 18th International Postage Stamp Design Contest」
date 2012.08.06

「The 18th International Postage Stamp Design Contest」

Organizer : Korea Post
New Year Greetings (the year 2014)

to freely express the sights as well as expectations / pleasure of the New Year

 ※ Winning designs will be issued as New Year’s Greetings stamps for the year 2014
(the year of the horse) in December 2013

Energy Conservation

to uniquely express various ways to raise awareness on the limits to energy resources which is emerging as a shared global concern of the 21st century, together with the degradation of the environment


Application period
  -  July 16 - September 14, 2012
     ※ For the overseas part, only those works that arrived by September 30, 2012
         will be eligible.


  -  Youth Category: applies to those students attending elementary, middle or high schools, or                                 those born after January 1, 1994.

  -  University student category / General category : applies to either university students or
                                                                                  those born before December 31, 1993

Submission guidelines 
  - Number of entries submitted: No limit
    ※ A person may apply for both themes 
  - Size of design : 15 ㎝ (width) × 20 ㎝ (length) or 20 ㎝ (width) × 15 ㎝(length) 
  - On an A4-sized hardboard, the entry work should be attached on the front and the

     application form on the back. Entries may be submitted by registered mail.
  - Only works (including computer graphics) that have not been submitted to other

     contests shall be accepted and the original copy must be submitted at all times. 
  - There are no restrictions in the range of materials and colors used in the works but

     three-dimensional works will not be accepted.
  - The design shall not incorporate postage stamp names (themes, subtitles) or the

     numbers representing the denomination or year of issue.
  - Distribution of application forms: available at post offices nationwide (July 9 to September 14, 2012)
     ※ Forms can be downloaded from the web page of Korea Post (www.koreapost.go.kr)

        or K-Stamp Portal website (www.koreastamp.go.kr).
  - Address for entries 
    Postage Stamps & Philately Division
    6 Jongno, Jongno-gu
    Seoul 110-110, Republic of Korea

Screening of entries and announcement of winners
  -  Panel of Judges consists of experts in fine arts, philately, etc.
  -  Screening period: October 2012
  -  Announcement of Winning entries: 20 Winning entries will be announced on the web page

      (www.koreapost.go.kr or www.koreastamp.go.kr) on October 26, 2012.

Prize Awarding
  -  An awards ceremony will be held during December 2012.


Category Youth category University Student
/ General category
New Year Greetings Energy Conservation New Year Greetings Energy Conservation
Grand prize 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner To be issued as stamps in 2013

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 1,000,000

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 2,000,000

Gold prize 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner To be issued as stamps in 2013

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 700,000

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 1,500,000

Silver prize 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner 1 winner -

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 500,000

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 1,000,000

Bronze prize 2 winners 2 winners 2 winners 2 winners

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 300,000

A certificate of merit,
 KRW 500,000

Award for the Guidance Teacher

4 winners
A certificate of merit,
 prizes amounting to
 KRW 300,000


  ※ The works for Guidance Teachers will be selected in consideration of the participation performance and award-winning performance of concerned school (educational institute).
Other information 
  - Please be advised that the submitted entries shall NOT be returned. Korea Post shall retain all rights pertinent to the prize-winning designs, including but not limiting to copyrights, PR rights and so forth.
  - If the prize-winning works are deemed inappropriate designs for stamps, they may not be issued as stamps.
  - Prize-winning designs may be modified or trimmed as necessary at the discretion of Korea Post.
  - If a prize-winning work is confirmed to be a product of plagiarism, any prize awarded will be considered null and void, any prize money paid will be recovered.
  - All related taxes on the prize money shall be paid by the concerned prize winner. 
  - For more information, please contact;
     Tel.: +82 2 2195 1255 Fax.: +82 2 2195 1299 
      Homepage: http://www.koreapost.go.kr  
      Email: vogelruf@mke.go.kr