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Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration
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information on stamp
Title : Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration
Issue Date : 2024.03.20
Types : 6
Design : Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration
Stamp No. : 3733
Denomination : 520 won
: won
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The ‘Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration’ is a court event depicting the ceremonial scene held in 1844 to celebrate King Heonjong`s marriage to Queen Hyojeong. The screen, painted on silk using the vibrant and decorative Cheonggoksansu technique (colorful and ornate court painting), intricately reproduces the majesty and splendor of the Joseon royal court culture at that time. Evaluated as valuable historical material, it captures the grandeur and brilliance through meticulous coloration. br br The folding screen consists of a total of 8 panels, with each panel measuring 46.5 cm in width and 112.5 cm in height. In terms of composition, scenes of Jinha (進賀, subjects at the royal court congratulating the king) are depicted on panels 2 to 7. It is characterized by a view from a parallel diagonal composition looking down from a high place, depicting the majestic and three-dimensional appearance of the palace. Although the actual investiture ceremony, wedding ceremony, and Jinha for Queen Hyojung all took place at “Gyeonghuigung Palace,” in the screens from the 19th century, regardless of the actual location, they consistently depict the background as “Injeongjeon Hall of Changdeokgung Palace.” The first panel, which marks the beginning of the screen, contains a Bangyomun (a proclamation widely distributed to the people) written by Jo Byeonggu. In the final section, Panel 8, records are documented for officials from the third to the ninth rank in the Seonjeon-gwancheong government office. The information includes their ranks, official titles, birth years, past examination years, and hometowns. br br Enjoy the valuable ‘Folding Screen of King Heonjong`s Wedding Celebration,’ where you can vividly see the wedding scene from the palace 180 years ago through commemorative postage stamps. br
information on stamps
Title Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration
Date of Issue 20240320
Quantity 450,000
Design Folding Screen of King Heonjong’s Wedding Celebration
Printing Process & Colors Offset / Four Colors
Sheet Composition (6 × 1) (235mm × 131mm)
Paper 13¾ x 14
Printer Royal Joh. Enschedé for POSA
Types 6 Denomination 520 won
Stamp No. 3733 Size of Stamp 27.5mm X 59.9mm
Image Area 27.5mm X 59.9mm Perforation 13¾ x 14
Designer Ryu Jihyeong
Order Information
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