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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2019.05.30
Types : 10
Denomination : 380 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3381
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 26mm×40mm
: 1×10(160mm×145mm)
Image Area : 26mm×37mm
Paper : null
Perforation : 13×13
Printer : POSA
Designer : null
Quantity : null
Kakao Friends are the featured characters with wonderful expressions that are based on KakaoTalks emoticons of Koreas messenger which were first released in 2012. Kakao Friends of such enjoyable characters that reflect the people we find around us have all gained huge popularity due to their witty expressions and behaviors have become extremely sympathized characters. Muzi, a curious and playful character with a range of cute expressions, is actually a piece of danmuji, pickled radish, in rabbit clothes. Meanwhile, Con, a warm-hearted and mysterious character who looks like a small crocodile, is the one who raised Muzi. Apeach is the mischievous peach that escaped from a peach tree is full of charms. She lures others with her attractive backside. Ryan is a male lion without any mane who is often misunderstood because of his passive expressions, but has in fact, lots of unexpected charms full of the sensitivity of a young girl. Frodo is a rich-born dog from the city. Because he is a mixed-blooded dog he has developed a complex. Also, Frodo shows affection towards Neo, the cat character. Neo, a narcissist cat, loves shopping and is officially a couple with Frodo. Tube is a cowardly, weak-minded duck. He has also developed a complex due to his small feet so he wears flippers. If he feels any extreme fear or anger, he spits fire out of his mouth and turns into a crazy green duck. Jay-G is a secret agent who is nostalgic about his underground home. He presents himself in an impressive style with sunglasses and well-groomed curly hair. The massive popularity of Kakao Friends, which first began with the mobile emoticons, continued to grow into the offline market. With the Kakao Friends stores that were first launched in 2014, they opened the new golden era of character products based on the Kidult (adults who like the sensibilities and tastes of children) frenzy. Kakao Friends established themselves as national characters by collaborating with various industries such as clothing, cosmetics, food, and publishing. Furthermore, the popularity of the Kakao Friends has been proven in the survey conducted by the Korea Creative Content Agency as the Kakao Friends were selected as the most popular animated characters in the survey. Among the other Kakao Friends` characters, Apeach, who is presently the most beloved character by the Japanese people, was chosen as S. Koreas new tourism ambassador. Korea Post hopes that Koreas characters will be loved more than now, and publishes the stamps of Kakao Friends.