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Korean Comedians
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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2022.10.25
Types : 2
Denomination : 430 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3623
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 25.5 × 36
: (2 × 4) × 2
Image Area : 25.5 × 34.7
Paper : null
Perforation : 13¼ × 13¼
Printer : POSA
Designer : Kim Mihwa
Quantity : null
Back when televisions were still an expensive luxury, people gathered around the TV set and cried and laughed together while watching satirical skits featured in comedy programs. Korea Post is issuing the commemorative stamp series Korean Comedians to pay homage to popular Korean comedians and revive the meaning of comedy to us. Gu Bong-seo (1926–2016), who boasted a strong presence with his performances from on stage to film, radio and TV, is widely considered as the “godfather of Korean comedy,” and his life is known to represent Korea`s history of comedy. Gu, who served as an accordion player in the Pacific Opera Company led by singer Kim Jung-gu, turned to acting and gained public fame by playing the role of Geol, the youngest of four sons, in the movie Obuja (1958). Since then, he became known as “the youngest child” and rose to fame as the greatest comedian of his time. He also generated many trendy phrases such as “Mr. Long Life like a turtle and a crane” and “After you.” Gu took on the most leading roles in comedy films in the history of Korean comedy as an all-time superstar who stood longest in the limelight as a widely popular comedian. In recognition of his work, he was awarded the Okgwan Order of Cultural Merit in 1992 and the Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit at the 4th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards in 2013. Nam Bo-won (1936–2020), a master of one-man shows, is a figure who dominated the Korean comedy scene between the 1960s and the 1980s. Born in Pyeongannam-do Province, he was the first generation of North Korean refugees in South Korea, and he stepped into the broadcasting industry by winning first place in the “The Birth of a Comedy Star” hosted by the Film Artists Association in 1963. Nam had a great command of all local dialects like a native and gained great popularity with his witty words that played on the audience and his excellent vocal impersonations. He perfectly imitated the sounds of boat horns, trains, and fighters. For his unique talents and leading the way for Korean comedy, Nam was awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2007 and the Engwan Order of Cultural Merit at the 7th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards in 2016. With the advent of new and diverse media platforms such as streaming services and OTT channels, comedy shows had to end their run one after another, and it leaves regret that there is even less place now for comedians due to COVID-19. We hope this commemorative stamp serves as an opportunity to pay homage to the great comedians who left the public beaming with laughter during hard times in anticipation of the great revival of Korean comedy.