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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2023.03.24
Types : 4
Denomination : 430 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3645
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 25.1 × 45
: 6 × 2
Image Area : 22.1 × 43.5
Paper : null
Perforation : 13¼ × 13½
Printer : POSA
Designer : Park,Eun-kyung
Quantity : 648,000
Before 2000, Korean musicals were mostly staged by theater companies, but since the 2000s they have developed in earnest following the rise in producers and production companies. As the domestic standard of living improved and more citizens became interested in the performing arts, Korean musicals began seeing great success at the box office both at home and even abroad. Korea Post is issuing the commemorative stamps Korean Musicals featuring four of the most representative Korean musicals. Finding Mr. Destiny, which premiered in 2006, is a romantic comedy about finding out the first love of a client. Its universal theme of “first love” appealed to the general audience, and the musical was highly acclaimed for its quality and popularity. Over a series of restaged productions, many of the cast members went on to succeed as star actors. The musical was also licensed to China for the first time in the history of Korean musical theater, and it later expanded production to Japan. Furthermore, the musical gained prestigious recognition at the 8th Korea Culture Award in 2018. The Hero, which premiered in 2009 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ahn Jung-geun’s death, depicts Ahn’s agonies and actions during the Japanese colonial period. It showed its high quality through the charisma and choreography of Ahn Jung-geun’s role, magnificent ensemble and sets, sophisticated music, and much more. The musical was praised for pushing the boundaries of musical theater by making the audience focus on the stage using quick transitions without any blackout intermissions. Furthermore, the musical gained international recognition upon its staging on Broadway in 2011. Goddess Is Watching, which premiered in 2013, has been praised by the audience and critics for its beautiful melody and lyrics. It tells the story of South Korean and North Korean soldiers antagonizing each other at first, but eventually working together for their dreams and hopes under an operation called “Goddess Is Watching” while they are stuck on an uninhabited island during the Korean War. It is widely loved as a moving drama with music composed of beautiful and lyrical melodies and touching lyrics. The Days, which premiered in 2013, is a jukebox musical based on the music of singer-songwriter Kim Kwang-seok. With a great plot against the background of the Cheongwadae and spanning twenty years, it is praised to have created a movie-like drama. It became popular with its music restructured from Kim Kwang-seok’s original songs, and is recognized for its quality as a timeless classic with its splendid stage setting and dramatic story.