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Danuri, Korea’s First Lunar Orbiter
Stamp Picture
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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2023.04.07
Types : 1
Denomination : 430 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3663
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 38 × 29.1
: 4 × 4
Image Area : 35 × 26.1
Paper : null
Perforation : 13¼ × 13
Printer : POSA
Designer : Shin, Jae-yong
Quantity : null
In December 2022, South Korea took its first step toward space exploration as Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO), also known as Danuri, successfully entered lunar orbit, becoming the seventh country in the world to explore the moon. Korea Post is issuing a commemorative stamp to celebrate Danuri’s successful entrance into lunar orbit, which raised the national status and paved the way for Korea to become a space power. . South Korea’s lunar exploration program was first specified in the national space development roadmap in 2007. Then in 2016, the program has embarked after the successful completion of preliminary feasibility study. Danuri measures 6.3 meters in length, when solar panels are deployed, and weighs about 678 kilograms. The name was chosen from a nationwide naming contest held from January 26 to February 28, 2022. A portmanteau of two Korean words dal (“moon”) and nuri (“to enjoy”) displays hope for the country’s first lunar mission to be a success and for the probe to enjoy everything that the moon has to offer. Danuri, transferred to the United States via aircraft, was launched from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on August 5, 2022, by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. And finally, on December 27, 2022, the satellite was confirmed to arrive in the target orbit 100 kilometers (±30 kilometers) above the moon’s surface. Danuri, which entered the mission of the moon after traveling a cumulative 7.32 million kilometers, performs its mission for about a year, revolving around the moon. Utilizing its payloads, the satellite will test space internet technology and conduct lunar scientific missions including generating topographical and polarized images of the lunar surface and taking the magnetic field and radiation measurements. Particularly, the images of the moon’s surface captured by a high-resolution camera will be used to select a landing site for lunar lander mission planned for 2032. The stamp features Danuri successfully entering lunar orbit, along with images of the lunar surface and the earth captured by Danuri. We hope this commemorative stamp serves as an opportunity to reflect on the historic moment, which has achieved its mission with independent technology just in 7 years.