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Pororo The Little Penguin
Stamp Picture
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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2023.05.04
Types : 2
Denomination : 430 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3675
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 36 × 36
: 4 × 4
Image Area : 36 × 36
Paper : null
Perforation : 13¾
Printer : POSA
Designer : null
Quantity : null
Pororo The Little Penguin is a South Korean animated television series that has been widely beloved by children since it premiered in 2003, with fun and heart-warming stories of Pororo The Little Penguin, full of curiosity and mischief, and his friends. Korea Post is issuing the commemorative stamp series Pororo The Little Penguin for fans all over the world in celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary. Pororo The Little Penguin, which first aired on EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) in South Korea on November 27, 2003, is a computer-animated show for children, revolving around the adventures of Pororo and his friends. With the signature opening remark “Hi, my name is Pororo,” the little penguin captured children’s hearts with episodes dealing with familiar and daily-life events and also gained popularity among parents for its charm, which is both educational and entertaining. Being labeled as “children`s president” owing to the character’s fascinating fandom among kids, Pororo has been ranked number 1 in brand awareness as well as the popularity of Korean animation characters for children for several years, and more than 5,000 products have been developed and marketed by around 300 partner companies with the character license in South Korea. Additionally, Pororo has been used for the public good by public organizations and nonprofit centers, including GOV.KR, Korea Food for the Hungry International, and Visit Korea Year. The little Penguin’s popularity goes beyond Korean borders; the show has been aired in more than 130 countries, with active production and merchandising of relevant character products, such as Pororo theme parks, which is 13 in five countries, including China, Thailand, and Singapore. The animation has recently completed its seventh season since its debut in 2003 and is now waiting for its eighth season in 2023. Recently, Loopy, a friend of Pororo and one of the major characters of the show, came on the scene as “Zanmang Loopy,” meaning hilarious and charmingly sassy, an alter-ego of the character. It has received enthusiastic support from Millennials and Gen Z, winning the Presidential Prize of the 2021 Korea Contents Awards in the Character Category. Thus, the characters of the show take on great significance as icons beloved by not only children but also parents, Millennials and Gen Z, and as the first Korean animated character with global success. The commemorative stamp features Pororo and his friends, including Petty the penguin, Loopy the beaver, Eddy the fox, Poby the polar bear, and Crong the dinosaur. The colorful background delivers positive messages such as “Congratulations!” and “Let’s walk on the flower path,” meaning wishing you all the best, adding a sense of delightful mood to the cheerful characters. We hope the stamps serve as an opportunity to look back at the past twenty years of Pororo and his friends and reminisce about nostalgic childhood.