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information on Korean stamp
Date of Issue : 2024.04.12
Types : 1
Denomination : 430 won
Design :
Stamp No. : 3739
Printing Process
& Colors
: null
Size of Stamp : 36 x 26.1
: 4 x 5
Image Area : 36 x 26.1
Paper : null
Perforation : 13¾ × 14
Printer : POSA
Designer : Kim Mihwa
Quantity : null
In 1924, brothers Cheongam Won-geun Kim (1886-1965) and Seokjeong Yeong-geun Kim (1888-1976) established Daeseong Primary School in Cheongju with the motto `Saving the Country by Education,` marking 100 years since sowing the seeds of education. In commemoration, the Korea Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp for the 100th anniversary of Cheongseok Educational Foundation`s founding. Recognizing the urgent need for educational institutions for those thirsting for knowledge with a strong determination for education, the Won-geun Kim and Yeong-geun Kim brothers founded Daeseong Primary School in 1924. Subsequently, Cheongju Commercial School opened in 1935, followed by Cheongju Women`s Commercial School in 1945. Won-geun Kim, not stopping there, tirelessly worked towards establishing a private university, resulting in the founding of Cheongju Commercial College, the first private university in South Korea after the liberation in 1947. The determination for education displayed by the Won-geun Kim and Yeong-geun Kim was succeeded by Kim Jooncheol`s educational philosophy of `Practical Learning Leads to Success` leading to the opening of Cheongseok High School in 1974. In 1981, Cheongju College was promoted to a comprehensive university. In 1991, Dr. Jooncheol Kim changed the name from Daeseong Academy to Cheongseok Educational Foundation, laying the foundation for seven schools today. Until today, Cheongseok Educational Foundation has nurtured 252,000 talents through its seven educational institutions: Cheongju University, Cheongju Daeseong High School, Cheongseok High School, Daeseong Girl`s Commercial High School, Daeseong Middle School, Daeseong Girl`s Middle School, and Cheongju Daeseong Elementary School, growing into one of the nation`s leading institutes of historical education. This commemorative postage stamp features the building currently utilized as the Cheongseok Education & History Hall, completed on June 6, 1957, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cheongju University. Through the centennial commemorative postage stamp of Cheongseok Educational Foundation’s founding, we hope to convey the educational aspirations of the founding brothers and solidify the history of the past 100 years, aiming towards a dream of 1,000 years.