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Central Office of Woo Jung Guk

Postal Service Memorial Building, designated as the Historic Site #213, is one of the oldest buildings in Korea and used to be Jeonuigam, national hospital, in the early years of Joseon Dynasty. In Apr 22, 1884 (21st year of King Gojong's rein, Mar 23 in lunar calender), King Gojong commanded to establish Central Postal Service Office and appointed Young Sik Hong, Byeongjochampan, to head its operation, which began in Nov 18 (Oct 1, in lunar calender) that year.

But the banquet to celebrate the opening of the Central Postal Service Office in Dec 4 was used for Gabsinjeongbyeon, the failed attempt of the modernization advocates, and it led to suspension of the postal service. After the liberation from Japanese colonial rule, this historical building was under the management of the Ministry of Post (currently the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication).

In Oct 22, 1970, the building was designated as the Historic Site #213, in recognition of its being the oldest building except the royal palaces, and its history as an independence movement venue. Following the renovation in Dec 4, 1972, the building was opened as Postal Service Memorial Building, and went through another remodeling process in May 1987 to exhibit the replica of articles kept in the Post Museum of the Seoul Central Post Office. Around the building is Post Park of over 1,600 square meters, open for the citizens.

The park is consisted of spaces of tradition, education and recreation. At the entrance of the park is Stamp Garden designed after the first stamp of Korea, and the Letter Garden has specially designed bench resembling stationary and post boxes of different times.

Central Office of Woo Jung Guk